Dress Henriette

This double-collared and beautifully buttoned dress Henriëtte is part of the Cruise Collection: a range of great holiday outfits. This dress is a top-and-skirt combination, so it’s versatile for mixing with other items.

Comfortable dress consisting of a short-sleeved top and wide flaring skirt in dark blue Punta di Roma stretch fabric (60% Vi, 35% NY, 5% SP).
It is unlined. The double collar draws the attention to the face and neck, while four decorative buttons divert the eye from the waist area.

The top of dress Henriëtte can be opened at the front, but also at the back. Both sides close with press studs. The sleeves are cut wide to make driving a hand-operated chair more comfortable.
The skirt is made up of curved panels designed to fit the seated body. It falls on the knee and features an open-ended zipper.
It can be folded open completely for easy dressing and undressing.
The back of the skirt is cut high and elasticated for adjustability; the front sits low and doesn’t gather in the groin area.


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