The Hidden Qualities

Chairmelotte started with a range of designer clothes specially created for wheelchair users. Quality clothing featuring invisible adaptations that underlines the personality of the wearer.
Nowadays it is possible to order bespoke tailoring for both seated and walking ladies and gents. Elegant and stylish garments with a sophisticated fit and hidden features that make them comfortable to wear and ensure easy dressing. Because independence, emancipation and self0esteem are the philosophy behind premium luxury fashion label Chairmelotte.

Take a look at the hidden qualities: invisible adaptations such as two-part dresses. Keep its double identity hidden, or mix and match top and skirt with other items. A decorated trim at the front hides an open-end zipper allowing the skirt to fold open completely. Chairmelotte-skirts are made of curved panels fitting the seated body. The back of skirts and trousers are cut high, the front is extra low and the shape of the panels ensure that they don’t gather in the groin area.
The human waist is a flexible affair, different from person to person and from day to day. So the waist of your clothes should be flexible as well. The elastic makes it adjustable.

What’s remarkable about Chairmelotte’s trousers is that they’ve been cut for sitting: the shape of the panels ensure that they don’t gather in the crotch. There is no surplus fabric, and yet these trousers don’t pinch anywhere. The leg width is wide enough to accommodate most legs braces. The legs are purposely left extra long, so the can be hemmed to the required length. The trousers closes with an extra long invisible zipper to ensure easy undressing.