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Chairmelotte Wheelchair Couture

For ladies and gents living in a wheelchair Chairmelotte offers first class adaptive design. An exquisite combination of elegance and practicality. The perfect fit ‘for sitting only’.

How does ordering a garment work?

Hello, I’m Christ,

Let’s talk about your clothing desires. The garment you dream of. If you’re looking for clothes that are perfect for YOU in every way, I’m your designer! Press Meet your designer to read more about me and my work as a fashion designer and bespoke tailor.


Some 175 items in your wardrobe and nothing to wear!

Think about all those moments you’ve spent standing in front of your wardrobe. You had that special occasion, that job interview or dinner-party, but nothing to wear. Nothing suitable. Did you know that in the western world we have about 175 items in our wardrobe? Have you ever counted yours? T-shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, jackets, coats, scarfs, underwear, sportswear, shoes, boots… and you probably own lots of the same items too. So back to that job interview. You find your black jacket puckers at the buttons, that nice blouse doesn’t really flatter your figure, that new dress is the wrong colour and even worse, a bit narrow at the hips. Unsurprisingly, half of those 175 items doesn’t get worn at all. Why isn’t our shopping more successful?

Shopping for clothes that meets your requirements is quite a task

Think about all those moments you were standing in front of a mirror in a fitting room. You know the size you generally need, but with every item things turns out differently. That jacket you like is too tight around the bust, the shop assistant recommends one size up, but that’s too loose in the waist area… You’re on your feet all day getting in and out of shops and fittings rooms, but it seems there’s only standard sizes and plus sizes and you’re often disappointed.

So many different people
but standard clothing sizes only

Every body has its own beauty. Whether you are an athletic type or have creamy curves, wether you are a petite or long-legged, as long as you don’t put any clothes on your body, it looks perfectly harmonious. The trouble is, if you wear ready-made clothes meant for the ‘hourglass’ type – a classic standard beauty ideal- it won’t make you resemble that ideal. And what’s worse, it will spoil the beauty of your own body proportions. So let’s focus on fashion that promotes and secures acceptance of women and men as they are. Why let the advertising industry impose their idea of beauty as the standard? Tailor made clothes are all about individually beauty and bringing out the personality of the wearer.


Bespoke tailoring: the answer to your clothing problems

Imaging wearing a tailor made design. Clothes that fit you like a glove, perfectly skimming your body lines. A bespoke garment will make you look fabulous and feel great. It flatters your unique shape so you’ll look your best. The best you.

Available for both walking and seated ladies and gents

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Why choose my bespoke tailoring?

Curious? Press That’s why tailor made clothes fits you or

Press  Explore to take a look backstage

The Best Designs for You

Every body has its own beauty. Let me help you find the proper designs for your shape and size and make you shine with a bespoke outfit.

Colour Advice

Some colors make you look radiant and feel happy. They match your hair colour and skin tone. Some colours make you look tired or more aged than you are. Which colours work well for you? I’d love to advice you about colour choices.

Sustainable Slow-Fashion

Wear the change. Make a contribution to the shift from fast-fashion to slow-fashion by wearing tailor made timeless items that you will enjoy for many years.

Custom Fabrics

It is essential that a design is executed in the right fabric. I prefer to use natural materials such as wool gabardine, viscose, cotton and linen, with just the right amount of added stretch if needed.

Dutch Top Design

The label Chairmelotte stands for fine tailorship and premium quality. It proudly ranks among brands presented as Dutch Top Design during a 2015 Dutch trade mission to China. See EXPLORE in the menu.

Create an Unique Wardrobe

One tailor made suit-dress, one skirt, a few blouses, a bespoke jacket and a pair of matching trousers. Voila, that’s all you need for a great work wardrobe. For special occasions you can choose a made-to-measure-item from my portfolio collection of exclusive designs.

All Items Gift Wrapped

Do you enjoy opening a package as much as I do? Chairmelotte-items will come to you by mail, wrapped in crispy paper and placed in a beautiful carrier bag that’s packed in a box. Happy unboxing!

Delivery Almost Worldwide

Chairmelotte is based in The Netherlands. For the customer intake you come to the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch or we arrange to meet somewhere else. When you live far away, the process happens online, see EXPLORE in the menu. We deliver almost worldwide.

Hand-crafted with love

I start each project with an iteration of ideas, which evolves progressively from a few lines to a first sketch. I draw fashion sketches, using pencils, liners and markers. The next step is collecting everything for making the garment. I go shopping in specialty shops and visit materials fairs to choose fabrics, yarns and accessories like zippers, buttons, ribbons and trimmings.

Back in my home studio I transform the fashion sketch into a croquis. A croquis is a design attuned to the body proportions of the customer. Then follows the part I enjoy most: drawing a technical paper pattern of the design, working in a traditional, handicraftt way.

After double-checking the pattern, I pin the pattern pieces on toile fabric, an unbleached cotton, and cut out the design. Then I stitch the pieces together to make a toile: a first version of the garment for testing the pattern. After a fitting I make some alterations if needed. This process is repeated using the final fabric and lining. In this labour intensive way I create garments that fit you perfectly and will become well-loved pieces in your wardrobe.

Get in touch with me

“Bespoke fashion is not about size anymore, it ’s just you”

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Chairmelotte (Wheelchair) Couture offers in-house designed premium quality clothes for formal and festive occasions for both walking and seated ladies and gents. Elegant and stylish garments with a sophisticated fit and hidden features that make them comfortable to wear and ensure easy dressing. There is a showreel with a range of designer clothes to inspire you to order bespoke tailoring.

Chairmelotte CWC is located in The Netherlands.
Chamber of Commerce number 17222149.
Business account NL88RABO0148769020.

No.38 Brussellaan 5224 VJ ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
Call: +31 (0) 6 136 222 55
Email: info@chairmelotte.nl

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