Procedure when ordering

Why choose a bespoke outfit?

A bespoke outfit is ideal if you like to wear something that feels comfortable, is flattering on
the body, expresses all the right things about who you are and will last you for many years. Only bespoke clothing ticks all these boxes because it is made from scratch based on your specifications and is high quality.

For me, many years ago, my realization that body proportions are decisive for the way you look in what you wear was a turning point. I discovered that the clothes in most shops,
so beautifully and well-presented on mannequins, don’t match my body proportions at all. No wonder I never looked really nice in these standard-sized clothes. So making my own and
and being able to alter patterns to fit my shape was such a relief. In tailor made clothes I
look and feel fantastic!

Over the years I’ve mastered the know-how and gained lots of experience. I can help you to find out which additions would boost your wardrobe. Let me advise you about colours, styles
fabrics… I will create garments that are perfect for you. Whatever your body shape, you can
look radiant and confident. Bespoke design and tailoring will do the trick.

This is my workflow:

If you’d like to order a garment, just drop me a line with your wishes. We’ll start with an
intake, so I can get to know you. I’ll be asking you to make a mood board with pictures of
clothes you like colours you love. This way I will learn your preferences and style.

Together we’ll formulate your requirements. Next up is taking your measurements. A precise
job that takes some time. Ideally we’ll make a mannequin (dress form) of your body. After
using it for your first order, I will store your mannequin for future orders.

Then I take some time thinking about the design that will fit you perfectly. I start each project with an iteration of ideas, which evolves progressively from a few lines to a first sketch. I draw fashion sketches using pencils, liners and markers. You will receive this drawing of a unique design I had in mind for you personally.

My favourite part of the project is thinking about the design and getting every aspect of it
perfectly right for you. It’s essential to find the right fabric, while selecting the right
haberdashery is just as important. Next you’ll receive a drawing of the design.

I transform the fashion sketch into a croquis. A croquis is a design attuned to the body proportions of the customer.
After your approval it comes down to the craftsmanship of converting the drawing into a
pattern. I use traditional skills. After double-checking the pattern, I pin the pattern pieces on toile fabric, an unbleached cotton, and cut out the design. Then I stitch the pieces together to make a toile: a first version of the garment for testing the pattern. After a fitting I make some alterations if needed. The process is repeated using the final fabric and lining. Then I cut the pattern from the fabric and pin and stitch the parts together for fitting.
After meticulous sewing construction, your garment will be ready for you to wear and love.



Press Suit Dress to find out how I translate a design to your body proportions.