Trousers Alexandrine

The perfect alternative to a long skirt, these trousers are truly wide and feature
high leg splits. As you move your chair around, the undulating fabric of the legs will seem to rustle and dance in the air.

The secret that makes this wide leg trousers Alexandrine work so well, is that they’ve been specially cut for sitting. The shape of the panels ensures that they don’t gather into pleats in the crotch. There’s no surplus fabric, and yet these trousers don’t pinch anywhere.
High leg splits to above the knee add interest and ensure easy management
for leg braces. The back of the trousers is cut high; the front is extra low.
The waist is elasticated for adjustibility. The front closes with an extra long invisible zipper.
The trousers are made of black stretch cotton and polyester (65%CO,32%PE,3% Ly)

! These trousers are not suitable for wearing whilst walking.

Cleaning : Machine wash cool at 30°C (one dot) , using bleach-free detergent.
Do not iron. The dye may run. Wash dark colours seperately.


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