Bomberjack Louis

At last, a bomber jacket for wheelchair wear. Louis features all those special extra you’re looking for. With its striking black-detailed pockets this coat will keep you warm without compromising on looking cool.

Bomber jacket Louis is made of dark grey corduroy (100% CO) with black details on the pockets and ribbing fabric at the cuffs and hemline. Warm padded lining in red (100% polyester).

This coat’s most style defining features are the voluminous dangling pockets. Moving with the body when it bends forward, they’re constructed to keep a phone and other objects safely inside.
While in a standard bomber jacket the pockets are placed at a height less convenient for someone who is sitting, the pockets of design Louis are within easy reach.

At the front this jacket is shorter than usual. The zipper is 10 to 15 cms shorter than it would be in a standard jacket intended for walkers. This ensures that the jacket hangs straight down, without annoyingly bulging or sticking out.
The back, on the other hand, is longer than standard to ensure the jacket doesn’t ride up.

To create room for arm movement in driving the chair, there is an extra pleat in the jacket’s back.

The advanced cut of the sleeves (jacket front panels running into the sleeves) has two effects. It enhances the torso and at the same time creates extra space for backward arm movements. Ease of forward arm motion is taken care of by the widened cut of the sleeves at the back.


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