From dream to reality

A Sketch of the Suit-dress Design

Do you need formal business wear for work? You’ll find my suit-dress is an ideal classic design that will become a beloved item in your wardrobe. Take a closer look at the fashion sketch and you’ll see that at the front it’s a combination of a dress and a jacket, while at the back you’ll see just a dress.

You will fall in love with this elegant timeless close-fitting design. When you choose the style that suits your body shape it’s a business dress effortless to wear.

The Suit-dress from design to your garment

If you’re interested in this beautiful suit-dress with vanishing jacket, I’ll draw a croquis of the design for you. A croquis is a re-drawing of the design to fit your physique and work well for body proportions.
It’ll give you an impression of the final result.

Below is an example.
This shows the translation of the fashion sketch of the suit-dress design into a croquis for a
client with ‘hour-glass’ .
Next to it there’s picture of the final suit-dress.

Your body proportions and the fashion sketch

Chances are that a fashion sketch is not a mirror image of your figure. To take your body proportions into account, the design then needs to be adjusted. You may be curvy or very straight, have short or long legs, uneven legs, small or big boobs, broad shoulders… a tailor-made approach can deal with all that and more.

It’s all about details

Below you will see an example of a 1:1 translation of the fashion sketch for the body type’hour-glass with short back length’. This croquis shows that the design now looks like ‘a cropped top’. There’s simply not enough space to present a lapel collar like this.

Next to the ‘cropped-top’-croquis, you can see a translation of the design for this body type with a short back length. I’ve drawn the waistline just a little bit lower so that there is more upper body length available. I call this a ‘released upper body’. Now there is more than enough space for the lapel collar.
In case of a short neck I choose a lower neckline as well.

If you are broad-shouldered

For everybody I like to find out how to translate the suit-dress design to make a distinctive piece. In case you have broad shoulders I widened the lapel collar just a bit for a nice look. To balance the top and the skirt I adjusted the hem length. The neckline with the slit is replaced by a lower neckline as this makes the upper body appear narrower.

If you are blessed with round hips

When you have round hips, you know that it is difficult to find a dress that fits you.
In case of wide hips I adjust the design of both upper and lower body to your curves. To balance the dress I lengthened the skirt slightly.
With this tailor-made suit-dress your figure looks brilliant.

When you have a full figure

With a tailor-made suit-dress you always look great. This suit-dress is equally appropriate for work and after-work occasions and gives you style without stress.

For more inspiration, take a look at my portfolio Business wear