If you’d like to know how luxury label Chairmelotte Wheelchair Couture started out in 2013 and went on to become Chairmelotte Couture, bespoke designer clothes for both walking and seated people press Meet your designer

Chairmelotte-New-Style is focussed on bespoke tailor-made designer clothes for business and festivities.


If you are obliged to show up in formal business wear at the office, I recommend the SUIT-DRESS for ladies of all ages.

Press Suit-dress to find out how this made-to-measure dress with vanishing jacket with a lapel collar will flatter your figure.

Press Portfolio Business Wearto take a look at business wear that could work for you. These garments you’ll see are all tailor made.

To get inspired to order an exclusive garment for special occasions, like a wedding, arts event auction, garden party, concert or any occasion times you ‘d like to shine in an elegant outfit, visit the Lookbook.
You’ll see festive garments especially designed for wheelchair users.

Press  Wheelchair Couture to see my showreel Wheelchair Couture.
Clothes that stand out when you are sitting!

Take a look at The Cruise Collection,
Winter Cheer, The Royal Dutch Collection or
City Look to get inspired.


These quality clothing for ladies and gents living in a wheelchair features invisible adaptations that I call ’the hidden qualities’. They ensure that elegance and practicality go hand in hand.

Press The Hidden Qualities to learn more about the special extra’s.

Being part of Dutch Top Design, presented in China, was a real highlight.

Press Dutch Design in China  to see the presentation.

Read about the great time we had a making a special promotional video with a group of young professionals.
Press WATCH THE MOVIE to see the Video ‘Adaptive Fashion Redefined’.


Press Behind the Scenes to enjoy the backstage pics.





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